I'm Proud of PixelJam

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I went to college with some great people and I enjoyed the experience immensely. I'm proud of the groups I belonged to and the friends I made - especially two friends who are really doing well while doing what they love to do!

Miles Tilmann and Rich
Grillotti have been working together on PixelJam Games now for a number of years and their games just keep getting better and better! They worked and lived together in Chicago for a while and now they live out on the West Coast (Miles in Seattle and Rich in Portland) but they still work well together and are about to launch their newest masterpiece (a pizza delivery game) on adultswim.com.

Their games are based on pixel art so they have a low-tech vibe to them but they are anything but low-tech. The art is based on something Rich started doing a long time ago where he basically created impressionistic images of things in a sparse number of large pixels. He created little characters, backdrops, animations etc... and they were all great fun to look at.

To get a taste of just how funny these guys are (and what it sounded like around our apartments in Tallahassee back in the day) check out this interview they just did with ripten.com whilte at a gaming conference. They discuss their creative process and how they function as a team after all these years.

I'm super proud of these guys for taking their passion and creativity and making a business out of it. Every aspiring web entrepreneur should have the same passion about their work and enjoy what they do as much as these guys do.

Good work PixelJam! We'll be watching you to see what you come up with next!

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