Everybody Writes / Nobody Reads

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I have had this idea on my basecamp todo list that I called "Everybody Writes / Nobody Reads" for a while now. The idea is that there are 100,000+ new blogs started every day (I don't know the exact number) with people writing about anything and everything. The internet makes it possible for anyone to publish their opinions / research with little or no cost to themselves. What it doesn't provide is an audience.

There have been many many tools / systems / methods developed to try and help people find content that matches their tastes but the sheer volume of writing being produced makes it almost impossible for anyone to break through.

Ironically, I'm one of those many millions of people with a blog and things to say and, sadly, no measurable audience. A plethora of "Social Media" experts are popping up claiming to know the secret sauce to getting a group of people to pay attention to you. I tend to be skeptical of their claims. The strategies and techniques they espouse make sense. The problem of scale still persists.

So if anyone happens to read this post that has had some success growing their online presence either for themselves or their business then drop a comment in the box down below and share some secret sauce with me!
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