The Energy is Moving Again

When I was at GT in the EMSMOT program we formed teams and worked on building a venture around emerging technology and then going through the whole process of writing the business plan, the elevator pitch, doing the market research and financial projections... the works! It was a phenomenal experience! (My team won the business plan competition too...)

Since then I've been back in the land of Corporate Giants spending a lot of time thinking about replicating that experience on a larger scale and applying what I learned at GT to my current full time gig. I hadn't actually been able to do much on either front though... until now.

The Idea
I've been talking a lot lately with an old friend from Orlando who works in Sound Effects Editing and has been in the Music/TV/Film business a long time and knows a lot of people. He and I are now in the early stages of creating a new venture! If I had the elevator pitch I would share it now but I haven't gotten that far yet. For now just know that it's related to the Music/Video production / distribution sector. We had a long talk last night (which I tried to record with Grand Central but must have done something wrong) and hashed out a lot of ideas. It was a very productive discussion!

In short... I'm REALLY excited about getting this up and running. I feel the old energy coming back and I like it! I know how much work we put into our project at GT and I know I'll be doing way more work on this because we had 5 people on our team then but I relish the chance to kick this thing into high gear.

Also, I have an idea for ANOTHER company that I just got today after reading an article on Original Signal. More on that later...

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