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After reading Paul Stamatiou's review I already knew what to expect of GoGo Inflight WiFi on Delta with regards to security. I wasn't prepared to do anything that required me to authenticate without SSL due to the complete lack of wireless security. I had thought I would at least check on the news, check my email (SSL of course) and a few other things.

What stopped me? $12.99 for a 3 hour flight. Subtract 45 minutes for the time when GoGo wasn't active and it's even more ridiculous. My friend Tom got a code from an attendant but he was in first class and i was in... (you know) so he tried it out and liked it ok. He's a sharp fellow though and spotted the disclaimers about security and the lack of WEP and was careful as well.

Had I had a discount code, the temptation to run wireshark might have overcome me. I think they should consider using WPA2 and providing the password to passengers interested. They could also have an open AP that allowed users only to a web page that showed the current (frequently rotated?) WPA2 password for the other SSID. Just an idea. Until they implement something like that... I'll be NoGo on the GoGo.
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