Cable Labs Wrapup

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I'm finally home from CableLabs. It's really good to be home with the wife and kids. The conference was absolutely fantastic but it's always good to be home.

The highlight of Day 2 for me was the panel discussion on OSS/BSS problems face by MSOs. I can't discuss it too much publicly (it was a closed forum) but I can say that it was great to hear my own sentiments on many topics echoed back from a panel of VPs and SVPs from major MSOs. The discussions there dove-tailed nicely into a session on open systems and APIs and then again into our presentation at the end of the day.

I presented at the last session of the day as part of a panel that was discussing the evolution of software in the industry. Tom Guthrie had a great talk about his efforts to map processes from the eTOM model to a model of applications and affinity groups. Based on the importance of the application and its lifecycle status the applications and affinity groups are assigned a "heat" value to indicate a level of "friction" that causes the business to run inefficiently.

It was a very interesting talk and the ideas are very powerful. It will be very interesting to see that mapping process evolve over time and see what impact it has on capital investment decisions.

Our co-presenters were from Time Warner and Cogeco and they also had very good presentations on EBIF projects and their own tools consolidations.

CableLabs Summer Conference was a great experience and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to attend and present at it. I'm really looking forward to doing it again.

If you attended it and have any thoughts to share you can leave them as a comment here or find me on twitter.

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