Latitude Schmatitude! No Gratitude for the Attitude!

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I've read some people's ideas about latitude. Fred Wilson had a good post on the subject but I think I have a different take on it.

I installed it on my blackberry immediately because I was curious. It seemed ok. Then I started thinking about it. I'm not sure I necessarily want everyone to know where I am. I tend to get paranoid. Yes, you can specify different levels of access to different friends (City only vs. precise coordinates etc...) but I still don't like it. Maybe I am just used to living WAY outside the perimeter and only bumping into my friends when I'm working across the hallway from them. I would love to work downtown and run into people at Starbucks instead of the elevator.

But besides the creep factor I think I have technical issues with it. I added my friend Andy Sweet to it and he accepted the invite. He's got an iPhone, I'm stuck with a crackberry. When he first popped up it showed him being over on the East side of Atlanta which seemed plausible. The next day, however, it showed him as being in Washington D.C. and then Dallas, TX and now Pittsburg, PA.

The problem?

He NEVER LEFT Atlanta! When I asked about his fantastic voyages he swore he never went those places, nor did he know that you can set an arbitrary location in Lattitude if you want to pull off such hijinx on purpose.

Clearly, a few kinks to be worked out. My location is currently set to Maui where apparently I'm surfing waves instead of interwebs. I hope I'm having fun!
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